"Thanks for your support."

I am Dre.


To everyone who has taken the time out to read my story & support 'The One.,' I want to say thank you. Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my story & for listening to the things I had to say, and for getting to know me a little bit. I think its pretty cool how supportive and positive everyone has been, and I enjoyed reading your comments and feedback. Being a part of 'The One.' has given me a voice & also a purpose. I feel lucky.

Sharing my story with Dallis has been really good for me and I hope I've had an affect on you in a positive way. I know some of the circumstances that I grew up in and also some of the experiences that I've had growing up may seem sad or hard to deal with, but these are the things that made me the man I am today. These are also things that are normal for so many other young kids who grow up in my old neighborhood or neighborhoods like it. The things that they go through isn't normal at all. But its reality for so many. That's why I felt it was important not to hold anything back, when sharing my story.

My hope is that your support can help us inspire real change. 

I also don't want anyone feeling sympathy or feeling sad because of the things I've experienced growing up, or because of my circumstances as they are today. I try not to think too much about my past unless I'm learning from it. The things I experienced growing up made me the person I am today. I like who I am today. And yeah, being in prison isn't fun & I hate it, but I'm actually really happy and doing real good. I'm focused on my future and that gives me hope. But I'm also focused on all of the positive things that I have every day like being a part of 'The One.' and my education and also the upcoming Bulls season.

So please, don't feel bad for me - I'm doing really good.

You guys who read my story has had the opportunity to get to know everything about my life growing up & who I was then, and now I'm hoping that you'll continue to support 'The One.' & get to know me for who I am today.

Thanks for your support.