"I wasn’t just the rock for my family; I was there for everyone that needed someone to be there."

I am Dre


Whats up? I just got both of your letters today. I always look forward to your letters. Happy New Year to you too. The holiday wasn’t bad at all. I was sleep at like 9pm Lol. Nothing too special, you know. ha. But yeah, it was just another day I guess. I try not to get caught up in all of the hype behind stuff like that.

It sounds like you had a good time though. That’s cool. Im glad you were able to get together with your family. I know you said that you all live in separate cities. So that’s all good.

Lol, I look forward to playing ball with you too. Ima make you an all-star, ha. But your right; with a little practice, you’ll be all good. That’s how it was for me. I stopped playing for a couple of years, then got locked up, now Im a lot better than I was prior to being in prison. I wish I could play everyday; I would be a beast. But yeah, don’t trip, I got you.

School is still good. I love math but lately I’ve been working on wrting. I like it a little bit. Its not as fun as math, but its alright. I was wrong too; the math that we’re gonna learn goes as far as calculus. A little bit of trig too. So that’s all good. I guess the test is harder now. Im not sure how true that is though. Sometimes I have a hard time working I always have something on my mind and it makes it hard to focus.

I really wanna go to college. Its pretty much all I think about. I know that its an experience that I’ll never forget. And I’ll definitely need your help with a lot of different things, Im sure Lol. Being able to get a scholarship would be cool and would really help me. That would be amazing & make it a lot easier for me.

I believe in your dream, and I would continue to participate in ‘The One.' I’ll also do everything that I could to inspire other young kids to participate in ‘The One.’ I think I could be pretty good at that. All it really takes is for them to see the affect that it had on me & others, and how it could help them be successful & make their dreams come true. I think its important to make them realize that, their dreams could really become a reality. And to also help kids figure out what their dreams are, because some of them may not have any at all.

I have so many dreams, and to know that I could have someone like you in my life that could help me get there, its something that keeps me motivated & positive. Anytime I start thinking negative, I think of you. I also think about you if Im having a bad day and it helps. Im glad that you decided to write me out of all people. Im starting to think that everything happens for a reason. Know what I mean? But yeah, college would be my main priority.

I’ll just dedicate all of my time on my studies & ‘The One.’ I could have fun once im successful. Being locked up & having everything taken away from me has changed me & opened my eyes to so much, so to be able to get out, that would be enough for me. Just being able to get that opportunity, I’ll make the best of it. I don’t look forward to getting out & having fun; only chasing my dreams & goals.

I would love to be a part of ‘The One’ whether Im out or in prison. If that’s cool. I know you said that you were hoping that I could be the Youth Leadership Director & hold that position while in prison; I would love to be a part of something like that, only if you really felt that it was best for ‘The One.’ Like, I don’t want to hold you back from hiring someone out there that could do things that I couldn’t because Im in prison. You know. But if you think I could be effective while in prison, I would love to do it. It would mean a lot. Especially if I could really help change someone’s life.

I know in my letters I don’t seem shy at all, but its true. Im real shy. But Im always thinking, so when I write, all of my thoughts start flowing out onto the paper. I would also agree that I am an introvert, now that I know what “introvert” means, Lol. But yeah, everything that you said is right on. Im always in my head thinking & reflecting, and Im definitely not good at speaking to groups of people. I feel a lot more comfortable speaking one on one.

I joined a class a couple months ago & its like 13 of us, or, it was 13 of us in the class, and the class is pretty much everyone in a circle sharing their opinion on what ever the topic was that day. I never spoke at all unless the instructor asked me a question. I just never felt comfortable at all. But after the class I would kick it with certain guys one on one. I went to that class for 6 weeks and that’s the way it went every week. The class was called ‘Thinking for a change.’ It was decent.

The girl who I shared the story with you about, she just had her 2nd baby. Did I tell you that? I think I did. But yeah, she got 2 kids now Lol. Shes a sweet girl & really smart. Shes a good friend, but I haven’t heard from her in a min. I know shes busy & like is kinda hectic for her right now. My sister checked in on her for me. I could’ve called myself, but figured it best if I didn’t. I encouraged her that its never to late to go to school, so hopefully that stuck with her and she takes my advise. I have her address, I just haven’t wrote. Don’t know why. I guess I don’t wanna disturb her or make her stress anymore. She always starts crying if I call. And if she wanted to write she would’ve responded to the last letters I sent.

Yeah, I lost so may close friends since I been locked up. I really don’t blame anyone. Well, I blame some of them sometimes because I feel betrayed, but then again, I realize that I cant blame any of them. And I try & put myself in their shoes, me being convicted & sentenced was just too much for them, cause out of all people, they didn’t expect me to be taken away. I wasn’t just the rock for my family; I was there for everyone that needed someone to be there. Its hard losing everyone, but im all good. I use it as motivation to get out of here. I’ll re-start with everyone once im home, and leave some in my past.

That’s cool that the guy you read about was able to start his own boot camp fitness training program. You know majority of guys comes to prison & become fitness experts damn near. Everyone lifts weights or works out in here. Everyone has their own reason for doing it, I guess. Guys work out so hard, and they get big, but once they stop working out for a certain amount of time, it becomes a problem. Cause you really cant eat the way you want of lift weights once the prison goes on lock down.

I tried lifting when I first got her, and I was so sore & tight the next day that I couldn’t extend my arms straight out. I couldn’t bend my arms Lol. I would lay on my bed when I went to sleep & my forearms would stick straight up. It was bad. I couldn’t even reach inside my pocket. Lol. I was like this for almost a week. I never lifted weights since. Plus, we only get to lift them on the weekends. I just play ball. And I run alot. Im starting to think that’s why I can’t gain any weight. I eat so much, but Im still skinny. Its crazy.

And yeah, I would love to be a part of ‘The One’ in any way. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity. You have had an impact on me and ‘The One’ isn’t even finished yet. Your positive energy is contagious.

Thanks for having your fingers crossed for me. I honestly think that things happen for a reason, and you & ‘The One’ means something special & are meant to play a big part in my life. I didn’t think like that until I met you. Your gonna bring me home. Check out this song: “We are here” By Alicia Keys. Everytime I hear it, I think of you.

My family is doing better. They’re maintaining I guess. They’re strong, like me. They’re all good. The kids are all good. I never ask them for money. I did only 3 times last year. But for the most part I don’t. I know they need it.

Take your time when your writing. Im not rushing. I appreciate the time you put into your letters. And the thought that you put into them. I try and do the same.

I’ve been getting deeper into the book that you sent me. I really like it & understand what hes saying completely, so far. I’ll let you know what I think as a whole once Im finished. So far though, it gets better the farther I go.

I’ll respond to your other letter tomorrow.

Take care, and I hope the weather isn’t too bad.

Until next time.


P.S. My boy D-Rose is looking better & better. I can’t wait until the play offs.